Season of Change

We are in a season of change. Some changes are working their way through the system now; others are coming in the weeks and months ahead…June 2017

10th Anniversary Celebration!

In February 2007 we began broadcasting on one radio station in Mexico City. Now, we have more than 100 stations broadcasting the program …read more March-2017

65 Years Old (and no plans to retire)!

FBH has now been proclaiming the gospel and making disciples for 65 years…read more November-2016


Since it’s launch in 2014, we’ve seen our audience grow…read more August 2016

Inside Egypt

Earlier this year, I spent 10 days in and around Cairo. While there I began to get a sense of what our brothers and sisters live with on a daily basis…read more May 2016





(photo is a smoggy day in Mexico City, taken by Ron Hughes)