The Latest News

A trip to the Maritimes in May…Arab World update…loss of a faithful friend and more… March 2018

Be Motivated!

The reason why the apostles were so motivated to do what they were doing was because they were convinced about who Jesus was and what He did…read more¬†¬†December 2017

Conference is Coming!

Twenty-five years ago this summer, I travelled from Quito Ecuador, for a meeting with the Board of Directors of Family Bible Hour… August 2017

Season of Change

We are in a season of change. Some changes are working their way through the system now; others are coming in the weeks and months ahead…June 2017

10th Anniversary Celebration!

In February 2007 we began broadcasting on one radio station in Mexico City. Now, we have more than 100 stations broadcasting the program …read more March-2017







(photo is a smoggy day in Mexico City, taken by Ron Hughes)